Professor Michalek had lectures at two major international congresses in June – in Prague and Berlin

In June 9-11, 2016 there were two important congresses – 11th Central European Orthopaedic Congress in Prague and 13th Beauli Symposium in Birkenwerder (Berlin).

blog2Prof. Jaroslav Michalek, MD, Ph.D. had lectures at both congresses and his presentation was concerned on the clinical application of cell therapy. He talked mainly about the results of the study of the consortium “International Consortium for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy” (ICCTI), in which Cellthera clinic also participated, and the study has been published in prestigious American journal Cell Transplantation as the largest published series of patients treated with their own cells in the world.

blog311th Central European Orthopaedic Congress in Prague was focused on various areas of orthopedics – from the orthopedic view on the osteoporosis, over new trends in joint replacement and arthroscopy to treatment of bone tumors. At this European Congress, the section “osteoarthritis non prosthestis treatment” was also included, where the latest techniques and methods, such as application of stem cells in osteoarthritis, in bone healing and clinical use of cultivated chondrocytes were presented.

blog413th Beauli Symposium in Birkenwerder (Berlin) focused mainly on the use of the patient’s own fat and isolated stem cells. The experiences of experts from more than 30 countries around the world were presented. There were lectures about the use of adipose tissue in aesthetic medicine mainly for the purpose of breast augmentation and rejuvenation of the face, neck and hands. At the symposium, there was also a section dedicated to the use of stem cells in the treatment of pain, chronic wounds and attention was also focused on the safety and efficacy of cell therapy in orthopedic indications.