Chronic wounds

We will be happy to offer you a comprehensive solution, if you suffer from chronic wounds that do not heal for a long time or if you are not satisfied with the course of healing. Chronic wounds are often formed in patients suffering from diabetes, atherosclerosis (i.e.narrowing of the lumen of arteries), ischemia (inadequate supply of nutrients and oxygen to tissues) or patients with venous insufficiency. These may be:

  • leg ulcers due to venous insufficiency
  • skin ulcers associated with lymphedema
  • neuropathic skin ulcers associated with diabetes
  • skin ulcers associated with lymphedema
  • pressure sores – decubitus ulcers

Our team is ready to take care of you in a full extend of examinations by an experienced internist, diabetologist, vascular surgeon, angiologist, according to the character of chronic wound. Our specialist will then propose the best possible solution for your chronic wound:

  • cleaning of the chronic wound including ablation of the necrotic skin of subcutaneous tissue
  • the use of your own fat in the proces of healing of chronic wound
  • the use of your stem cells from adipose tissue to accelerate and complete healing of chronic wound

Our innovative therapy uses the characteristisc and properties of stem cells contained in your own fat. These cells have the ability to reduce inflammation, can help to repair the damaged tissue and stimulate growth of new blood vessels in order to improve blood flow into the damaged areas. Using this therapy, the natural repair mechanisms of your own body could accelerate healing and you can achieve better quality of your life.

Your own adipose tissue contains cells that are capable of producing very important growth factors. These are substances needed for the normal healing process.
Combination of effects of these growth factors along with the growth of new blood vessels has resulted in a visible improvement of the condition of chronic wounds, such as:

  • reduction of inflammation
  • decreasing of the ulcer
  • reduction of pain
  • improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the wound
  • in many cases complete closure of the wound