Our services

Our vision

Improving the health status of our clients with an individualized approach. At Cellthera clinic, we know that each person is unique and needs the healthcare tailored to his/her needs. Why to use various synthetic chemical compounds that may have a variety of toxic side effects, if there is much safer, natural and still effective option? Therefore, we use mainly the potential of the natural power of body's own cells and growth factors.

Our values

Cellthera clinic, located in the heart of Europe provides individualized therapy for all patients. At Cellthera, we offer professional and top medical care using the latest medical methods and technologies. We provide healthcare services according to the principles of personalized medicine to fulfill expectations of every client and patient. Our health services are provided in a pleasant atmosphere of the clinic that occupies 12th floor of the Vienna Point building and offers an excellent view on the whole city.

Personalized medicine

Understanding of the uniqueness of each human being and her/his health problems is the basis for the success of personalized medicine. Complex look at the health of each of our clients begins with a detailed consultation and clinical examination. On this basis, we can set up optimal preventive and therapeutic plan for each client.