Stories of our patients:

Alex Jungaberle, Age 42, Germany

My elbow has improved after stem cell application significantly and feels ‘just normal’ again. I had inflammation of the joint from time to time, pain at night, those little itches at certain movements. This has all gone!

Even went riding my local mountainbike trail again last week. No swelling, no pain, no inflammation afterwards. I will come back again for my right elbow for sure!

Marta Jasinská, DrMedVet, Age 73, Czech Republic

I just wanted to write you my reflections and acknowledgements for the help that I have received at you clinic. The thing has hastened after our phone conversation and because I am quite talkative person, also my opinion is a little bit longer  I cling to the old motto: “If you are not satisfied, tell it to us. If you are satisfied, tell it to everybody.” And I have been very satisfied.

My remarks and acknowledgements: I have had osteoarthritis of both hip joints - grade 4, with accompanying “pleasures“, pains, restricted movement and pain with each my step. I stood before decision how to solve that problem. Either the surgery or method so called stem cell treatment. After finding out all information about the surgery and the subsequent several months of rehabilitation with a considerable decrease of the movement, the need of crutches and especially possible and at my age already excludable complications (e.g. after anesthesia), I came to the idea that I would not manage that situation mentally. Despite the fact that all invasive methods as big surgeries definitely are (unless it is a medical emergency and life threatening cases), I consider them as a final solution.

I heard from my son-in-law about a new treatment method that uses stem cells and after studying the available information about this method, after assessment of “pros and cons“ and comparing problems and constraints after the potential surgery, my decision was clear. I contacted the the Cellthera Clinic situated in Brno, submitted the required medical data and within a few days, I received detailed information about the principle of the treatment method, duration of the procedure, about the success as well as failure rate of treatment, about possible complications, and of course, the statement that the procedure is paid by patient, because the method is not covered by health insurance yet.

At the beginning of December 2016, I underwent an outpatient stem cell procedure. The ambience and atmosphere at the clinic as well as the staff were perfect and absolutely professional. Pleasant and friendly approach during my stay at the clinic itself has a beneficial effect on my body and soothe the soul. After the first part of the procedure, liposuction, I was allowed to relax in the excellent adjustable armchair, along with refreshments and a gift. The whole procedure took 3 and a half hour and then, I easily (on my feet) left the clinic with the instructions from the doctor and with an excellent mood. As one eastern wisdom says, the condition of the body is the state of mind. Someone might argue that if you pay for that, such approach is obvious. But I have paid the health insurance all my life and during the occasional visit of the doctor, who is paid by my health insurance, I can feel from his behavior that I bother him (madam, what do you need?).
I know that at the age of 73 I cannot expect miracles from my old body, I cannot expect that in 2 months I will jump as a lady in her twenties and I cannot also expect to put my leg behind my neck. But after less than two weeks after the procedure, the hip pain has significantly decreased and today, after two months I practically feel no pain. Besides that my range of motion of lower limbs has improved very well, I can put one leg over the other one, I can put on my socks while standing, I can raise my knee almost up to my chin - I could not do that never before. Of course, I continue to take some nutritional supplements to support the restoration of cartilage and ligaments, I do regular exercises, go for a massage, I just help my body.

And the conclusion? Even if the further improvement of the hip cartilage due to my age will not happen, I am happy even for this condition, when I have no pain, I can sleep well and I can move without difficulties during my daily activities. With no scars on my body and on my soul, as well as without crutches. I thank to everyone who contributed and still contributes to this method, I thank to the staff for their excellent and professional approach during the procedure and I wish them all permanent success at their work and a lot of satisfied clients. And most importantly, I wish this non-invasive and progressive method finally receives the recognition, and thus will be at least partially covered by health insurance companies, and so will be available to everyone. Because this method is not only for seniors, but also for young people, or even athletes have problems with diseases of their joints. I do not understand why the competent authorities do not accept this method. When I see on TV that a hundred times per day the advertisements on all sorts of drugs and other products are running, which even do not cure, but only get rid of the symptoms for a while and the person is still sick, and in addition harms the liver, kidneys - it is a mystery to me, where is that still proclaimed care about people's health and especially where is the common sense! The method that uses stem cells is after all much cheaper than surgery, joint replacement and subsequent long rehabilitation.

And finally, I would like to thank my son-in-law Richard and my daughter Kateřina, who paid the stem cell procedure for me. It was really an amazing gift under the Christmas tree. Thank you.

Bohumil Necas, age 64, Czech Republic

My problems began about three years ago. My joints hurt so much that I was able to walk only with the help of a walking stick. I did not want to undergo replacement of joints - they would have to replace me both knees and a hip! When I heard from my doctor about the possibility of using my own cells from my own fat, I decided to undergo the treatment. The advantage of the procedure is that the cells can be applied during one procedure to more areas of the body, but still - trust but verify - so at first I underwent application to the area of both knees. Within a month, my condition improved so much that the next appointment with my doctor was mainly because I wanted to order further treatment – application of stem cells into the area of the right hip. Now it is 9 months after the procedure and if I should think economically, then in relation to significant improvement of my health condition, I can only say that it was a very good investment. Sure, I do not run competitively, but I have never done that before. I am happy that I do not have to use a walking stick, my joints do not ache and hurt and I can sleep all night long.

Ing. Karel Reznicek, age 62, Czech Republic

My story is almost banal - it began as follows: one overweight guy before retirement feels that walking speed decreases, joints pain and sometimes his joints also creak. Colleagues at work told me about a new method of joints treatment without artificial joint replacement - about the application of stem cells. It was a new information for me (I must admit that very interesting one) and when I found a clinic highly experienced with application of own cells, I did not hesitate to contact them. We consulted my health status in detail and everything else has been just a matter of a decision before retirement (to be honest - until I was employed, because unfortunately Health Insurance Company does not cover this procedure). After application of my cells to the area of both hips, my condition gradually improved and improved and now, half a year after the procedure, I can walk without any problems. Before the procedure, I was carrying out physical activities with difficulties. Now I can say, that all activities can be performed without restrictions. But I must boast, I also slightly decreased my body weight. But already my knees started to pain and I plan to try the stem cell treatment now for my knees in fall this year.

Anton Hrnciar, age 58, Slovakia

I wished to enjoy an active lifestyle, but I was limited by joint pain, especially of my knees. When I heard about the possibility of using and application of my own cells from fat tissue, I visited the Cellthera clinic. I chose this clinic because it has the greatest experience with the administration of stem cells. They offer safe and effective solution for painful joints. I do not even now know what osteoarthritis is…
I underwent the application of own stem cells in 2014. Improvement gradually appeared. Two months after the procedure, I started to ride a bike and I had smaller hikes. Half a year after the procedure, I attended a skialpinistic expedition to the Caucasus Mountains. We climbed the highest mountain Elbrus (5642 m). And next year I would like to go to Africa to climb the Kilimanjaro!

MSc. Roman Precek, age 39, Czech Republic

I decided to undergo application of stem cells from my own fat tissue when I had osteoarthritis between the second and third stage. Every day I felt pain and stiffness of the knee that limited me in other activities. Now it has been one year after the procedure already and I am really satisfied and I do not regret :-) I ride my bike "painlessly", I also enjoyed skiing and ice skating this year, I can train my dog without limitations and can also practice my other favorite sports (badminton, swimming etc.). I admit that I am avoiding a running for longer distances, but that is mainly because of exaggerated caution and long-term absence of this type of load. Moreover, the status of the muscles of the legs even improved (I had a 6 cm deficit on the circuit of the leg compared to the second leg). In addition, there can actually be seen a significant increase of cartilage on control X-ray images. So...a visible gap on X-rays (expansion of joint space) - as it was explained to me :-)

Ms. M., age 57, Ireland

After the application of my own cells, the pain, creaking and stiffness in my knees has stopped. I have been able to stop using anti-inflammatory, painkilling gels on my knees. Today, I can walk up and down steps and stairs pain free, I can bend my knees with ease and go for long walks. Thank you Cellthera!