Alica Hokynkova, MD

Alica Hokynkova, MD is certified plastic surgeon with a license from the Czech Medical Chamber. She performs almost entire spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgeries, particularly regarding skin cancer, surgery of the hand, postbariatric surgery, and aesthetic medicine focused mainly on the application of botox and filler materials. Her domain is a robotic hair transplantation, which she has performed for several years. She has also performed over a thousand of miniliposuction procedures for the purpose of the isolation of stem cells.

University education:

  • Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University in Olomouc


  • Certification – Plastic surgery


  • Paris, France – VENUE: Clinic – robotic FUE hair transplant method


  • Miniliposuction
  • Liposuction
  • Robotic FUE hair transplant method
  • Reconstructive surgery – surgery of hand, inborn and acquired defects, injuries, skin tumors, chronic wounds etc.
  • Aesthetic surgery – breast surgery, abdominal surgery, postbariatric surgery
  • Dermatocosmetics – birthmarks laser removal, facial rejuvenation, plasmatherapy
  • Application of filler materials and botox